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Intellectual Property Attorneys -Ferguson

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Ferguson Attorneys is a specialty firm focusing on Intellectual Property protection, enforcement and anti-counterfeiting measures in the protection of your business and the preservation of your brand in Africa.


We approach IP protection and enforcement measures in Africa from a regional perspective, working with local businesses and specialists, considering historic and cultural trade routes in the flow of goods and services, driven by the market demands in neighbouring territories.

A strong area of focus is capacity building and development of mechanisms for the legal enforcement of IP rights in the African territories.  Our approach of knowledge-sharing and skills development is key in taking strategies and workable solutions from one territory to another, allowing us to offer creative and alternative approaches to legal IP enforcement in Africa.

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What We Do

We offer a full range of IP services from IP protection, enforcement strategies, IP management and commercialisation of your IP rights in Africa.

Our Services

Trade Marks
Registered Designs
IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Internet & Domain Names
Advertising Law And Practice
Commercialisation Of IP

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    The strength of a symbol as a trade mark in Africa

    May 16th, 2020|Latest Articles|

    African culture and tradition are vital factors in Africa, a vast continent with huge diversity of cultural norms and practices. There are great variations amongst its regions, countries and ethnic groups which need to be recognised and incorporated in order to harness the strengths and values of the African culture.